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Pictures and videos of trips, pets, etc.


Etta and Jazzie - 11/2017


Segway tour of downtown Scottsdale, AZ - 04/2016

(Be patient - it's a VERY large file)


Brief video of a ride on the HIGH ROLLER in Las Vegas - 04/2015.

(More info on this attraction here)


A bobcat visits near our home on Bayview Dr. in Scottsdale

(Be patient - it's a VERY large file)


Picture of the west Maui mountains taken from Haleakela's upcountry region

(I've uploaded the full 7 MB image, so it might take a minute to load)


Annular eclipse from near Page, AZ - 05/2012


New York City - 01/2012


  Maui - 12/2003


  Gold Beach, Oregon - 07/2003


  East Africa - 1999

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