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If you're not sure what the benefits are of living in an HOA that has rules and regulations, consider these properties which are all within a 1-mile radius of Scottsdale Country Club East Nine (where I used to live) - some are literally just across the street.  Ask yourself "what would happen to my property value if my neighbors were allowed to do this?" 

None of the situations pictured below are permitted under most HOA CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations.

Click on any of the thumbnail-sized photos to see larger versions of them.

Debris and trash cans in view of street.

Vehicle parked for sale in yard on side of driveway.

Debris piled at curb for collection - when???

deb1.jpg 127.1K

Trash and recycle bins stored on a regular basis in view of street.

cans2.jpg 111.1K

Debris piled at curb for collection - when???

deb2.jpg 103.4K

Debris piled at curb for collection - when???

deb3.jpg 89.0K

Debris piled at curb for collection - when???

deb4.jpg 88.7K

Debris piled for collection - and house colors.

deb4paint.jpg 96.2K

House colors - green, yellow, orange, and copper

paint.jpg 109.0K

Motor home in long-term storage in driveway

mot_home.jpg 100.4K


Hand-lettered "for sale sign" purchased at hardware store.

sign1.jpg 113.2K

Four signs installed on front of property - and notice huge tattered American flag

sign2.jpg 104.5K

"For Rent" sign in front of property - and debris piled at curb.

sign2deb.jpg 132.8K

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