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A Proposal to Reduce Gun Deaths

Matt Metz 08/05/19

In light of the recent spate of mass shootings in our country, I have a remarkably simple way to help reduce gun deaths in America. This doesn’t require a constitutional amendment (an arguably impossible task). It simply leverages greed and litigation, items that our country has in abundance.
Remember the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)” (euphemistically called “Child Safety Lock Act of 2005”)? This law protects the manufacturers of firearms from liability when their products are associated with crimes or death. (I know of no other product in the US similarly protected, a tribute to the gun lobby.)
This is a law passed by Congress and can be rescinded by Congress.
Rescinding the PLCAA would allow lawsuits against firearms manufacturers for the crimes performed with, and deaths caused by, their products. Rescinding this law would make the powerful gun lobby (and the corporations that lobby represents) an immediate ALLY in efforts to control and limit gun deaths and to increase the safety features of firearms.
Rescind the law. Let the free market (and civil courts) do their thing.

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