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I apologize for making it so difficult to send me an email.

Unfortunately, this is necessary to prevent email harvesting bots from abusing my email.

The steps you must take are as follows:

1. On the line below with the orange arrow pointing to the <  > symbols, you must click-and-drag between < and >  to highlight the hidden text.

2. Write down the address on a piece of paper.

3. Open your email program, start a new email, and click in the TO field

4. In the TO field, type the address you saw when you highlighted the hidden text, without the extra spaces between the characters, of course!

Click and drag here : < w e b f o r m 9 6 @ m a t t m e t z . c o m >

If you experience any problems with this page or have suggestions or comments, please contact me using the form above.

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