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Here are links to some of my favorite free software programs or handy web sites. I have used and installed ALL of these programs on my own and/or friends' and relatives' computers.


  • You really MUST have good anti-malware software on your computer. But If you don't want to spend money for it, I recommend this free software: Avast Free Antivirus

  • Free PDF software is available from many sources, and some of them are not nearly as invasive and memroy-intensive as Adobe Acrobat. I use Foxit Reader, which you can find here. I now have completely removed Adobe Acrobat from my computer, and use only Foxit. Once installed, you can open, mark-up, comment, and create PDF files.

  • For resizing photos, one by one or in batch, I recommend this free program: Image Resizer for Windows

  • MalwareBytes finds and removes malware on your computer. I use it once a week to scan my computer, but I do NOT run it in the background at other times. Remember to search for updates each time before you run the scan to make sure you have the latest malware definitions.

  • I also recommend CCleaner, freeware that I run once a week to clean up left-over files from my computer. Remember to run an update each time after opening but before you run the program, to be sure you have the latest version.

  • Belarc Advisor is a great freeware program that does an inventory of your computer's hardware and software - very handy when working with tech support folks. 

  • Teamviewer is a program that allows people assisting with tech support to access each other's computers, share screens, transfer files, etc. It's free for non-commercial use.

  • Why buy Microsoft Office if you don't have to? For creating, editing, opening all Office Suite files, such as Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint files, etc., You can use Apache OpenOffice, a free application. If you want an email program that, like Outlook, also has a calendar and tasks, the free Thunderbird program (by Mozilla, the same folks who built the Firefox browser) is very good.

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