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Road up Haleakela

zr00578.jpg 1.5K

zr00579.jpg 1.6K

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zr00584.jpg 2.0K

Crater at the top of Haleakela

zr00585.jpg 2.2K

zr00586.jpg 2.0K

zr00587.jpg 1.6K

zr00588.jpg 1.7K

zr00589.jpg 2.0K

zr00591.jpg 2.3K

zr00593.jpg 1.7K

zr00596.jpg 1.7K

At the protea gardens again

zr00598.jpg 2.7K

zr00599.jpg 3.0K

The following pictures were taken at Iao state park.

zr00375.jpg 3.3K

zr00605.jpg 3.3K

The Iao needle - about 2200 feet in elevation

zr00606.jpg 2.6K

zr00607.jpg 2.9K

zr00608.jpg 2.3K

zr00609.jpg 2.4K

zr00611.jpg 2.9K

zr00614.jpg 3.0K

zr00615.jpg 2.0K

The following pictures were taken at the Mambo cafe, in Paia, where we stopped for breakfast and to get a picnic lunch for the road to Hana.

zr00617.jpg 2.1K

zr00618.jpg 2.8K

zr00619.jpg 2.5K

zr00620.jpg 2.5K

zr00621.jpg 2.0K

Bamboo along the road to Hana

zr00622.jpg 3.0K

zr00623.jpg 3.2K

zr00624.jpg 3.6K

A private garden on the road to Hana.  From this garden, you could see the rock used in the opening scene of Jurassic Park.

zr00625.jpg 3.1K

zr00626.jpg 3.3K

zr00631.jpg 2.8K

zr00633.jpg 2.7K

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