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Kite surfing at Kahului, near the airportzr00430.jpg 1.7K

zr00431.jpg 1.5K

View of the south shore from restaurant at Maalaea Harborzr00435.jpg 2.5K

zr00436.jpg 2.1K

West Maui mountains from south shorezr00438.jpg 1.5K

South shore, at Kihei, not far from our Condozr00440.jpg 2.4K

zr00441.jpg 3.2K

zr00443.jpg 2.5K

At our Condo - the Maui Sunsetzr00446.jpg 2.1K

zr00447.jpg 2.0K

zr00448.jpg 1.5K

zr00453.jpg 1.2K

Haleakela, viewed from the east coast of the west Maui mountainszr00454.jpg 1.8K

East coast of west Maui mountainszr00455.jpg 2.5K

zr00457.jpg 2.2K

zr00458.jpg 2.5K

zr00459.jpg 3.1K

zr00460.jpg 2.6K

zr00461.jpg 2.0K

North Shorezr00465.jpg 2.8K

zr00468.jpg 2.0K

zr00469.jpg 2.1K

zr00472.jpg 2.6K

zr00473.jpg 3.6K

zr00474.jpg 2.0K

zr00476.jpg 1.8K

More shots at our condozr00477.jpg 2.2K

zr00480.jpg 2.3K

zr00482.jpg 2.3K

zr00483.jpg 3.2K

zr00484.jpg 2.4K

zr00485.jpg 2.1K

zr00486.jpg 2.1K

zr00487.jpg 1.9K

zr00488.jpg 2.2K

zr00490.jpg 1.8K

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